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  • Meet Beaché Hair, for those who are awakened by the coastal shoreline. Beaché Hair evokes freedom and a lively spirit. Sea air meets the earthy mineral textures of sand and sea shells.


    Our luxury hair and body perfume can last up to 24 full hours. Every bottle is hand-crafted and contains 2 XS more concentrated fragrance sourced from the finest ingredients and highest quality oils than found in a big retailer perfume bottle. 


    Each bottle is hand poured and contains genuine healing crystals in a glass bottle with gold colored spray top. Every package is wrapped with beauty and care, making our perfumes a perfect gift. Our products are all vegan, cruelty free and proudly made in the USA.


    Top Notes - Musky and Rich Ambrette Seeds, Fresh Squeezed Grapefruit Nectar

    Middle Notes - Fresh Oceanic Accords consisting of Red Algae, Sea Salt, and DriftWood

    Base Notes - Peppery Sage, Earthy Oud Wood and Moss


    Healing Crystal - Quartz for amplified energy, aligning with your hightest self and clearing your mind, body and spirit of any clutter.


    e 100ML - 3.4 FL OZ

    Beaché Hair & Body Perfume

    SKU: 0001
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