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The Talulah Way of Life

In 2018, entrepreneur and beauty guru Brittany Hartz began developing signature scents for her first successful brick and mortar location, Palms Salon, in New York City. 

An oasis tucked away from the bustling energy of the busy city,  Palms Salon quickly became a staple in the West Village for New Yorkers seeking affordable luxury where value and integrity were at the forefront of artistry and craftmanship. 


Encapsulating the aesthetic, vision and force of Palms Salon lead to the birth of Beaché and Bangin Hair + Body Perfume. Each scent completely different and unique, yet co-existing within the bounds of the same shared values of the space - community, courage, freedom, femininity, and drive. 

It became a well-known ritual, as Palms Salon began offering both signature scents to every guest as they left the space, cloaked in a reminder that they possess depth and beauty, are strong and vulnerable, and to trust in the flow of the universe, just as the ocean does. 

Beaché and Bangin Perfume became in demand - quickly . Palms Salon received hundreds of responses. In awe, no one could believe how long the unique scents lasted, until strangers would stop them hours later on the street, lovers would wake up beside them the next day only to smell our luxurious creations. Both scents continued to sell out during every re-stock. 

Following the success of Beaché and Bangin at Palms Salon, Talulah Pearl was born. As a child Brittany's Uncle called her "the little mermaid". They would go to the beach and swim in the ocean almost every weekend in the summer. Her connection, love and fascination for the ocean was always prevalent. In life, "adulting" may remain a dominant in many of our lives, yet if we pay close enough attention, and learn to let go, our soul somehow guides us along the way to exactly where we are meant to be.

Talulah Pearl reminds us of our power and fearlessness that exists within each of us. Each of our fragrances transports us to the salty sea, evoking the spirit of the ocean and captivating those who we align with.  


Similar to life, the ocean is often a reflection of the ups and downs, trials and tribulations we experience. Just as the current flows, we hope you allow yourself to be taken wherever you are meant to go.

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