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Our mission is to empower you through scent while contributing to something greater than ourselves.


At Talulah Pearl, we often wonder why we refer to our world as "Mother Earth", rather than "Mother Sea".

Did you know? Our Oceans make up 70.8% of our earths surface, and contains 97% of the earths water. Our oceans help us breathe, they regulate our climate, is an important food source, is home to an abundance of wildlife, and creates millions of jobs worldwide. Our deep blue seas are sacred, and we vow to respect and honor our salty waters. With every purchase, a portion of the proceeds are donated to Oceana in an effort to contribute to keeping our oceans clean. 


Our high-quality ingredients, design, and craftsmanship are  experienced with every spritz. We are committed to preserving the traditions of our luxurious fragrances while upholding our values in accessibility, integrity and affordability. 

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